World War II AFV Plans: American Armored Fighting Vehicles by George Bradford PDF

By George Bradford

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ISBN-13: 9780811733403

Technical artist and army historian George Bradford has been generating specific drawings of armored scuffling with cars for over thirty years. in response to meticulous examine of exact cars, legitimate pictures, manufacturing facility requisites, and, sometimes, the unique layout plans, each one drawing is rendered with nice precision--and in unique scale--offering army fanatics and modelers a vital reference on those metal chariots of war.Filled with fine-scale drawings of America's tanks and different armored autos through the complete process global conflict II. M2 Halftrack M3 Lee/Grant Tank M3A3 Stuart Tank M4 Sherman Tank Staghound Armored automobile LVT Amphibious Tank And dozens extra . . .

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Technical artist and armed forces historian George Bradford has been generating certain drawings of armored struggling with automobiles for over thirty years. in line with meticulous examine of tangible cars, reputable photos, manufacturing facility necessities, and, often times, the unique layout plans, every one drawing is rendered with nice precision--and in targeted scale--offering army lovers and modelers a necessary reference on those metal chariots of conflict.

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London: Barry & J nkin Limit d, 1975. Itch r, D. Tank in Camera, 1940-1943. troud K: Sutton PubIi hing Limit d, 1998. Forty, O. A Photo Hi tory ofArmoured Car in Two World War. Pool, UK: Blandford Pre ,1984. - - - . United State Tank of World War II. Pool, UK: Blandford Pr ,1983. Or n, M. M4 SHERMAN: Combat and Development Hi tory of the Sherman Tank and All Sherman Variant . 0 cola, WI: Motorbook lnt rnational, 1993. Halber tadt, H. In ide the Great Tanks. , 1997. Harlem, P. Modeler' Guide to the Sherman.

Urr y, arrollt n, 1941-1945. H n K ng: This interesting ACME Newspicture, Washington Bureau photo was taken at Aberdeen Proving Ground in October 1946 when the T28 went on display at the 28th Annual Meeting of the Army Ordnance Association. The T28 was a late war development of a superheavy assault tank intended for use during the final push into Germany. It had 12" frontal armor, a 105mm gun and weighed in at 90 tons. An order for five units was placed but only two were built before the war ended and production ceased.

Eventually they were won over and the M12 proved to be one of the more important weapons on the western front. L o 60 American Armored Fighting Vehicles American Armored Fighting Vehicles 61 M30 Cargo Carrier Light Tank M5Al early production with Culin hedgerow cutter ~o[ 0_ :0[: o Q The M5 evolved from the M3E3, and to avoid confusion with the newly arriving M4 medium tanks, it was wisely designated as light tank M5 rather than repeating M4. Production of the M5 began in April 1942 and roughly 2074 were produced by December 1942.

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