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By Norberto Bobbio

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The spiritual traveler must be able to pass to the inner essence of the Law, while at the same time following it on the individual and social planes. Deviations from Sufism have appeared when the Law has been ignored. On the equilibrium between esotericism and exotericism in Islamic civilization, see Nasr, Ideals and Realities, pp. 122 ff; and on a particular example during the Safavid period in Iran of opposition to Sufism caused by a rupture of this equilibrium, see Nasr, “Sūfism,” The Cambridge History of Iran, vol.

He replied: ‘The best of actions is this: to separate yourself from the world and to die while your tongue is moist with repeating the Name of God’”;20 “A man said: ‘O Prophet of God, truly the laws of Islam are many. ’” * * * The universal character of invocation is indirectly expressed by the simplicity of its form and by its power of assimilating to itself all those acts of life whose direct and elemental nature has an affinity with the “existential” aspect of the rite. Thus the dhikr easily imposes its sway on breathing, the double rhythm of which sums up not only every manifestation of life but also, symbolically, the whole of existence.

In this picture the Spirit appears with a masculine function in relation to the soul, which is feminine. But the Spirit is receptive and so feminine in its turn in relation to the Supreme Being, from which it is, however, distinguished only by its cosmic character inasmuch as it is polarized with respect to created beings. In essence ar-Rūḥ is identified with the Divine Act or Order (al-Amr) which is sym­bolized in the Qurʾān by the creating Word “Be” (kun) and is the immediate and eternal “enunciation” of the Supreme Being: “.

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