Batik Gems: 29 Dazzling Quilt Projects by Laurie Shifrin PDF

By Laurie Shifrin

ISBN-10: 1571205608

ISBN-13: 9781571205605

Make 29 bright batik quilts in shades that span the rainbow and sizes from crib to king dimension.

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To make a large hourglass block, select 4 different quartersquare triangles E. Sew the short 1. To make a pieced square block, 4. To make a small hourglass select 2 matching rectangles A and block, select 4 different quarter- B and 1 contrasting square C. Sew square triangles D. Sew the short rectangles A to opposite sides of sides together in pairs. Press. Sew square C and press. the pairs together and press. sides together in pairs. Press. Sew the pairs together and press. Repeat to make the required number of large hourglass blocks.

Technique that best suits each indi- fabrics with more pattern or design vidual project. For this quilt, I show were used where they could be featured. English paper piecing, but because Notice that I used fabrics of similar the leaf shapes are simple, you can weight (value) on the top and bottom. fabric placement tip use any method you prefer. Note that although both quilts are pictured hanging in one direction, you can rotate them 90°, 180°, or Photo by artist Bonnie Wilkins 270° for the look you like best.

You will get the blocks put together. have leftovers at the end, but the extra pieces will give For Cut Crib (411⁄4" × 541⁄2") Lap/Twin (593⁄4" × 73") Double (673⁄4" × 81") Queen (881⁄4" × 1011⁄2") King (1083⁄4" × 1011⁄2") From assorted fabrics E 111⁄2" × 111⁄2", then 1 total to make 4 (you’ll use 2) ✽ 2 total to make 8 (you’ll use 2 from each fabric) ✽ 2 total to make 8 (you’ll use 2 from each fabric) ✽ 2 total to make 8 (you’ll use 3 from each fabric) ✽ 3 total to make 12 (you’ll use 8) A 73⁄4" × 73⁄4" 8 total 23 total 23 total 46 total 59 total D 75⁄8" 7 total to make 28 22 total make 88 45 total to make 180 58 total to make 232 6 total to make 12 6 total to make 12 8 total to make 16 10 total make 20 × 75⁄8", then to 22 total make 88 to F 6" × 6", then 4 total make 8 G 41⁄8" × 41⁄8" 12 total 20 total 20 total 28 total 36 total C 31⁄4" 14 total 44 total 44 total 90 total 116 total Sets✽✽ of squares B 21⁄2" × 21⁄2" 8 sets total 23 sets total 23 sets total 46 sets total 59 sets total 4 total 4 total 6 total 8 total × 31⁄4" to 2 total 21⁄2" × 21⁄2" Individual squares B for end units ✽ Use a different fabric for each square.

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