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N satisfying boundary conditions x0 = 0, xN = 1 . It corresponds to the uniform ξ–grid ξi = i , i = 0, . . , N . N The mapping x(ξ) is approximated by xh : (ξ → x) constructed with the use of piecewise-linear finite element basis functions N xh (ξ) = xi ψi (ξi ) i=0 xi = xh (ξi ) . The Jacobian of the transformation xh (ξ) for ξ ∈ [i/N, (i+1)/N ] is equal to hi+1/2 dxh xi+1 − xi = = . dξ 1/N 1/N 32 Error estimates The Jacobian is positive if and only if hi+1/2 = xi+1 − xi > 0, i = 0, . . , N − 1 .

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