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By Masafumi Akahira

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This monograph is a suite of effects lately got through the authors. almost all these were released, whereas others are awaitlng ebook. Our research has major reasons. to begin with, we speak about greater order asymptotic potency of estimators in ordinary situa­ tions. In those events it truly is identified that the utmost chance estimator (MLE) is asymptotically effective in a few (not continuously precise) feel. although, there exists the following a complete classification of asymptotically effective estimators that are therefore asymptotically similar to the MLE. it's required to make finer differences one of the estimators, via contemplating larger order phrases within the expansions in their asymptotic distributions. Secondly, we talk about asymptotically effective estimators in non­ ordinary occasions. those are occasions the place the MLE or different estimators should not asymptotically in most cases disbursed, or the place l 2 their order of convergence (or consistency) isn't really n / , as within the normal situations. it's important to redefine the concept that of asympto­ tic potency, including the concept that of the utmost order of consistency. less than the hot definition as asymptotically effective estimator would possibly not continuously exist. we haven't tried to inform the complete tale in a scientific approach. the sphere of asymptotic concept in statistical estimation is comparatively uncultivated. So, we've got attempted to concentration cognizance on such features of our contemporary effects which throw gentle at the area.

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Ja+L). 2) Hence if O0 and all eE ®. 1 n~oo that there does not a consistent estimator with the order greater than order nl/e( 2) 0( =2. 3 we obtain for sufficiently large nand every t ) 0, dn(e -tc n - l , e)~ 2[ f l+O«tc n - l )2 I log tcn-ll)t _lJ l / 2 .

5 we make the following assumptions. 2) for x~a , b x~ f(x) is twice continuously differentiable in the interval (a,b) and lim(x-a)l-df(x)=A' x~a+O lim(b-x)I-~f(x)=B' x~b-O where both ~ and ~ are positive constants and A' and B' are positive finite numbers. 3) are finite. Foro(~2 x~b-O f" (x) is bounded. 4. 3). =2. 4. 7) r ® and {-(d 2 /de 2 )IOg f(x-9 ilf(x-e)dx71 as / clog nj , 1 {x:O<_(}2/ oe 2)log f(x-e)(£cln log nJ uniformly in every compact subset of CE) , n~OO Proof. < (b-x)l-t9f(x)< B'+-L.

3. ,n -1 I. 5) is not smaller than 2Since £ . 7) we obtain 2-E~ ~~:, 2I Pa+tc n - l l,nf cnllen-all~L} -Pe,n fCnllen-ell~L} I . > 2 - e -tc n -1 1) f £ . 2 - E. the proof. 4. Order of convergence of f Cn 1-consistent estimators for the location parameter case. Before discussing order of convergence of f Cn 1-consistent estimators in detail, we shall give a definition and lemmas. 1. For each eE @ , (Generalized from Gnedenko and Kolmogorov [22J) the sums 28 of positive independent random variables xl (9), x2 (9), ...

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