Archeology And The Christian (Biblical Archeology) by Dr. Johnson C. Philip PDF

By Dr. Johnson C. Philip

Bible and its message are thoroughly established upon historical past. occasions like temptation and fall in Eden, promise of a virgin-born savior, and the anguish, crucifixion, and resurrection of the savior are foundational to the Christian faith.

This is a multi- quantity paintings, and this quantity deals an "introduction" to Biblical Archeology. It doesn't record or describe discoveries, that allows you to come in simple terms in a destiny quantity.

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The serious anarchist is a person who does not want to accept the Bible, come what may, and is therefore well prepared to reject even the best evidence. However, there is a crucial difference between him and the escapist. Both of the rejects the evidence, but the anarchist tries to refute it while the escapist simply brushes it away. This means that one can at least get the anarchist involved in direct dialogue on the issues involved. This opens the door for confronting him with evidence, and there are many cases where such people have finally come to Christ.

Things like “spiritual commitment” had no place in the vocabulary (or rulebook) of the government. The situation was ripe for a large number of men to get into this government funded “jobs” without having to bother about inconvenience like faith and commitment. Thus eventually the German (and many other) government-funded (and there for bureaucracy-controlled) seminaries became populated with men who considered Bible and Christianity to be things to be done away with. Thus using the liberal amounts of funds available (for this was the time these countries flourished much) from the Government these men published a large number of multi-volume works and journals that had the singular aim of destroying the Christian faith.

As a consequence, today Bible seminaries around the world continue to teach the old German lies as truths to be reckoned with. Even a good number of conservative seminaries teach subjects that have long been proved to be false. However old ideas die hard, especially because of man’s spiritual rebellion. And here comes the importance of Biblical Archeology. Archeology And The Christian Apologist As I made clear through the proceeding historical sketch, to most people, today the Bible stands as a historically discredited book.

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Archeology And The Christian (Biblical Archeology) by Dr. Johnson C. Philip

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