Anatomy of the dog by Malcolm Eugene Miller; Howard Edward Evans; George C PDF

By Malcolm Eugene Miller; Howard Edward Evans; George C Christensen

ISBN-10: 0721663605

ISBN-13: 9780721663609

Binding: Hardcover writer: W.B. Saunders corporation Date released: 1964 ISBN-13: 9780721663609 ISBN: 0721663605

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The epitym panic recess (recessus epitympanicus), the third fossa, lies posterolateral to the fossa m. tensoris tym­ pani and at a higher level. The incus and the head of the malleus lie in this recess. The petrosum contains the osseous labyrinth (capsula ossei labyrinthi), which is divided into three parts: the cochlea, semicircular canals, and vestibule. The basal turn of the cochlea is SQUA MA T E M P O R A L I S Z y g o m a tic process Petrosal cre s t C a n a l f o r m a j ■ s up e rf . p e t r o s a l n fo r chorda tympani C a n a l f o r t r i g e m i n a l n.

Tensoris tympani. It runs anteroventrally just within the wall of the fossa to a small opening near the distal end of the petrosquamous suture and lateral to the canal for the trigeminal nerve. If a dark bristle is in­ serted in the canal its path can be seen through the wall of the fossa. The greater superficial petrosal nerve passes through the petrosal canal. The canaliculus chordae tympani carries the chorda tympani nerve from the facial canal to the cavity of the middle ear. It arises from the peripheral turn of the facial canal.

The perpendicular plate (lamina perpendicularis), or mesethmoid, is a median vertical sheet of bone which, by articulating with the vomer below and the septal processes of the frontal and nasal bones above, forms the osseous nasal sep­ tum (septum nasi osseum). This bony septum is prolonged anteriorly by the cartilaginous nasal septum. Posteriorly, it fuses with the cribriform plate, but usually does not extend through it to form a crista galli. It forms only the ventral half of the nasal septum as the septal plates of the frontal and nasal bones extend down halfway and fuse with it.

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Anatomy of the dog by Malcolm Eugene Miller; Howard Edward Evans; George C Christensen

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