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By Jacques Hadamard

The various earliest books, fairly these relationship again to the 1900s and earlier than, at the moment are tremendous scarce and more and more pricey. we're republishing those vintage works in cheap, prime quality, glossy variations, utilizing the unique textual content and paintings.

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E. is a partial order on L4,. e. e. If f, g E L4,, then the pointwise maximum f V g and pointwise minimum f A g also belong to L4,. In particular, the pointwise absolute value If I belongs to L4, and II I f I 14 = I I f 114. Observe that these closure properties are true as well for the heart H4,. It is also a Banach lattice. 11(c)) may fail for H4,, however. ] The space L4, is a rearrangement invariant function space. This means that if f E L4, and g is a rearrangement of f, then g E L4, and II9II4, = 1 1 1 1 14, .

Then J is directed by refinement. ) Then for t E J, let Xt = µ(A) 1A, P(A) where the sum is over all A E t with P(A) # 0. Then (Xt) is an Llbounded supermartingale, so it converges stochastically, say to Y. Then pa(B) = E [Y 1B], B E 9, and u,(B) = p(B) -pa(B) define the required decomposition. For general p, use the finiteness of the variation of µ to write p as the difference of two nonnegative charges. Ft). 16). 16) to the charge µ(A) = limt E [Xt 1A], for A E 9 = Ut F. 1); then clearly Zt -+ 0 stochastically.

16b) -1)(2u) < kd)(u) for 0 < u < uo. 16a) requires that 4i(u) < oo for all u. 16b) requires that 1(u) > 0 for all u > 0. 1. 17) Theorem. Let (1k, F, µ) be a a-finite measure space, and let be an Orlicz function. (1) If 4) satisfies (02) at 0 and oo, then H4,(1l, F, µ) = Lq, (1, F, µ). , ([0, oo)), then 4) satisfies (02) at 0 and oo. (2) Suppose p is finite. If 4) satisfies (02) at oo, then H4, (SZ,F, p) _ Lj (SZ, F, µ). If 114 ([0,1]) = L4 ([0,1]), then 4) satisfies (02) at 00. (3) Suppose u has no arbitrarily small sets.

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