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Professional Periodical experiences supply systematic and unique overview insurance of development within the significant components of chemical examine. Written by means of specialists of their expert fields the sequence creates a special carrier for the lively learn chemist, providing general severe in-depth debts of growth particularly parts of chemistry.

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CZCH; ii, CH,=C(OSiMe,)CH=CHOMe/PhMe/l iii, hydrolysis after C=O -+ CH, Scheme l6 H o e M . N Bu'O~CCH~CH I i v R N g " ii Bu102CCH2 H0 bC Ryr SPh CH2CH2CH=CH2 ,OCNx KOF' - m-cIxOSiMe3 "2 - Bu102CCH2 L R -02CCF3 H02CCH2 CO2Reagents: i, cobaloxime (I); ii, aq. NaOH, then (Boc),O; iii, [O], then TFA Scheme 18 (R = Me2C=CHCH2CHr) OH 22 Amino Acids and Peptides (S)-N-Boc-2,2-dimethy1-5-(2'-methoxycarbony1etheny1)oxazo1idine using R,CuLi. N(CHMePh)CONHTos (chiral on account of the N-phenylethyl moiety) to the N-tosyl-N1-4a-iodoalkyl-phenylethylimidazolidin-2-one6 HC104-Catalyzed FriedelCrafts acylation of arenes using the L-aspartic acid derivative (40) yields y-oxoaralkyl-a-amino acids.

389The binding constants are two orders of magnitude greater than those involving simple electron acceptors such as methylviologen. 392 A similar, and equally important inference,393has been drawn, based on comparisons of water-to-vapour and water-to-cyclohexane distribution coefficients for N-acetylpyrrolidine and N-butylacetamide. Proline residues in simple N-acyl amides including peptides and proteins must be taken to be much more hydrophilic than is generally believed. 397 Solid state studies deal with the adsorption of phenylalanine and tyrosine on to activated carbon from water at various pH,"8 and the measurement of latent heat of melting of the oxygen adduct of the eutectic compound formed between NaCl and water in the presence of an L-amino acid (leucine, threonine or aspartic a ~ i d ) .

79 Radical cyclization (Ph3SnH-AIBN) of N-allyl-N-Boc-L-serine lactone gives 4-alkyl- and 4,4-di-alkylprolines. ls1 Other syntheses of proline derivatives reported this year also start from familiar amino acids. ls2The chiral centre in the side chain is of the configuration shown, in the major (75%) diastereoisomer. 's4The eight-step procedures used in this study, amount to relatively straightforward elaboration of the secondary alcohol chiral centre in the starting material. g. Is5 A new synthesis of racemic piperazine-2-carboxylic acid has been described, based on Schmidt rearrangement of N-ethoxycarbonylpiperidin-4-one to give the seven-membered azalactam.

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