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Contributors from ten various international locations attended the convention which was once in lots of methods a sequel to a symposium held on the college of Georgia in April 1983. The valuable objective of this convention used to be to supply a discussion board for chemists and mathematicians to have interaction and develop into greater proficient on present actions and new advancements within the large components of chemical topology and chemical graph conception.

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The mixture was then refluxed for more than an hour, and decomposition was accomplished with aqueous sodium hydroxide. Yields varied from a low of 28% for tricyclohexylphosphine to 66% for trimethylphosphine isolated as the carbon disulfide adduct. Cyclohexyllithium and phenylphosphonous dichloride produced the unsymmetrical phosphine with high efficiency (99%). In view of this result, the steric difficulty postulated to rationalize the low yield of tricyclohexylphosphine may be questionable. Possibly, tetrahydrofuran would provide a superior medium as it does in the displacement reactions involving GrignaI'd reagents.

With a 2: 1 ratio of pyridine to phosphoryl chloride the yield of acid was sharply increased. The merits of alkoxy and aryloxy groups as blocking agents are questionable in this series and only a few cases have been reported. An example found is that in which the NVCLEOPHILIC DIS~LACEMENr REACTIONS 31 n-butyl GrignaI'd reagent was added to the phosphorus compound (157). o t o CfjHll t OPCl + C H MgBr 2 4 CaHuOP(C4H 9 )2 9 However, replacement of alkoxy and aryloxy groups from phosphorus halides by GrignaI'd reagents is reported to be facile in the early literature (116).

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