A Very Pleasaunt and Fruitful Diolog Called the Epicure by Erasmus Desiderius PDF

By Erasmus Desiderius

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Michael the Archangel cast from Heaven; the same whom St. George slew at the lake of legend; and who appears in St. [14] The knights who went to the Holy Land and the monks who fled into the desert were each going off to fight this same enemy; they simply went to different fronts. Each and every one wielded the sword of Christ, and it was a very strange sword indeed, because it was Christ himself who was the weapon. This is why St. ”[15] The dragon knows full well what weapon it is that can end his reign.

Satan cannot empty himself, for, having separated himself from God, if he ceased to be full of himself, he would cease to exist. Thus, as we now briefly examine man’s encounters with the Devil and his demons, we quickly see that Satan does not seem able to take on the form of the child, suggesting that childlikeness is so contrary to his nature that the Father of Lies cannot lie in the shape of a child. What makes this limitation all the more striking is the diversity of forms which the devils do seem to take.

The man who condescends to the child as if it were inherently inferior is a man who is alienated from all those semblances of innocence and vulnerability within himself, and so they frighten him. These are the men who truly attempt to climb back into the womb a second time. They fear both childhood and manhood because, having mistakenly perceived them as opposites, they have achieved neither. Chapter 4: The Image of the Tree I saw, and behold, a tree in the midst of the earth, and its height was great.

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A Very Pleasaunt and Fruitful Diolog Called the Epicure by Erasmus Desiderius

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