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Güntert, Institut für Sprachwissenschaft, Innsbruck 1976: 113131. Nilsson, M. P. Geschichte der griechischen Religion, I. Beck, München 1955. Ogilvie, R. M. The Romans and their Gods, Random House, London 2000. Polomé, E. C. „Der indogermanische Wortschatz auf dem Gebiete der Religion“, in: Studien zum indogermanischen Wortschatz, ed. by W. Meid, IBS, Innsbruck 1987: 201-219. Polomé, E. C. „Some Reflections on the Vedic Religious Vocabulary“, in: Studies in Honor of Jaan Puhvel, II: Mythology and Religion, ed.

Dû uuart demo Balderes uolon sîn uuoz birenkit. thû biguol en Sinthgunt, Sunna era suister, thû biguol en Frîia, Uolla era suister; thû biguol en Uuôdan sô hê uuola conda: sôse bênrenkî, sôse bluotrenkî, sôse lidirenkî: bên zi bêna, bluot zi bluoda, lid zi geliden, sôse gelimida sin! Phol and Wodan rode to the wood. There Balder's foal disjointed his foot. Then Sinthgunt addressed him, and Sunna, her sister, Then Friia addressed him, and Wolla, her sister. Then Wodan addressed him, so as he understood: As the bone disjointment, so the blood disjointment, so the limb disjointment.

Hearing I ask | from the holy races, From Heimdall's sons, | both high and low; Thou wilt, Valfather, | that well I relate Old tales I remember | of men long ago. 2. I remember yet | the giants of yore, Who gave me bread | in the days gone by; Nine worlds I knew, | the nine in the tree With mighty roots | beneath the mold. 3. Of old was the age | when Ymir lived; Sea nor cool waves | nor sand there were; Earth had not been, | nor heaven above, But a yawning gap, | and grass nowhere. 4. Then Bur's sons lifted | the level land, Mithgarth the mighty | there they made; The sun from the south | warmed the stones of earth, And green was the ground | with growing leeks.

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