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By Michael Anissimov

This consultant explores the arguments opposed to democracy. Democracy is frequently seen as a compulsory method for any civilized state, yet there's a compelling case, drawing on economics, political conception, and cognitive psychology, that says in a different way.

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Because the primary purpose of monarchical war is to increase the personal territory of the sovereign, it is viewed as a personal endeavor of the ruler, where he “will have to bear all or most of the costs of a military venture himself”. Otherwise, he will “encounter immediate popular resistance” which will “thus pose a threat to the government's internal legitimacy”. This is in contrast to the modern democratic/republican psychology view of war, where wars are somehow seen as activity benefiting the whole people of a nation, whether they personally desire the war in question or not.

Acquiring legitimacy is a difficult task. Governments tend to begin in small territories and expand outwards. This form of government in typically connected to personal rule. Even for groups as small as clans or villages, he writes, people would rather place their trust regarding the sensitive issue of territorial monopoly of expropriation in the hands of a specific, known individual, rather than a democratic vote. Natural authority is a personal trait, and because the masses do not possess any natural authority, they must acquire authority through unnatural means.

All else equal, this means he would have an incentive not to overtax his subjects. The value of his property, and most likely its currency, is “reflected in the value of all future expected asset earnings discounted by the rate of time preference”, not just its first-order present value. This means the ruler would have an incentive not to expropriate funds from his territory in such a way that it damages his ability to expropriate further funds in the future. The lower the tax rate, the more resources the population will have available to further its own productivity, and the larger the pie from which a portion will be expropriated for taxes later.

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