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By Joseph S. Catalano

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In the last third of The Communists and Peace, S artre also investigates the notion of class , which was l ater refined in the Critique. The reality of a class is not that of a superentity that unites individual s into some quas i-organic whole . On the other hand , a class has more reality than the sum total of indi­ viduals who are concerned about each other. One of the main purposes of the Critique is to elucidate the ambiguous reality of a class , and Sartre clarifies i n The Communists and Peace that h e is attempting to eval uate classes from the perspective of the most disadvantaged .

This type of materialism does not question the relation of the materialist to materialism; it assumes that the movement from the human organism to nature is the same as the move­ ment from nature to the human organism . This assumption is itself the result of praxis, a series of historical activities that constitute materialism as a positivism with its reverse side of " spiritualism . " Indirectly, we here encoun­ ter the distinction between " dialectical " and " analytic " reason . Reason can constitute itself as a tool .

A lan Sheridan-Smith (London: New Left Books, 1 976) . References to the French editions of the Ques­ tion de methode and the Critique will be indicated simply by "F" for the original edition and "NF" for the new (with page number) . The American edition of the English t ran s lat i o n of Ques­ tion de methode will be referred to as Method ( w i th page number) . References to the English translation of the Critique will be indicated simply by "E" (with page number) . , 20 B ackground: Search /or a Method In relation to the Critique, the Method is both an introduction and a sum­ mary.

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