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If the module is found, then the statements in the body of that module is run and then the module is made available for you to use. Note that the initialization is done only the first time that we import a module. e. argv. It clearly indicates that this name is part of the sys module. Another advantage of this approach is that the name does not clash with any argv variable used in your program. argv variable is a list of strings (lists are explained in detail in a later chapter. e. the arguments passed to your program using the command line.

In general, you should avoid using this statement and use the import statement instead since your program will avoid name clashes and will be more readable. A module's __name__ Every module has a name and statements in a module can find out the name of its module. This is handy in the particular situation of figuring out if the module is being run standalone or being imported. As mentioned previously, when a module is imported for the first time, the code in that module is executed. We can use this concept to alter the behavior of the module if the program was used by itself and not when it was imported from another module.

The True and False are called Boolean types and you can consider them to be equivalent to the value 1 and 0 respectively. Note for C/C++ Programmers Remember that you can have an else clause for the while loop. e. go through each item in a sequence. We will see more about sequences in detail in later chapters. What you need to know right now is that a sequence is just an ordered collection of items. py 1 2 3 4 The for loop is over How It Works: In this program, we are printing a sequence of numbers.

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