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Reaching luck within the markets is not just in regards to the monetary rewards; it's approximately ultimately being at peace with who you're. good fortune is a state of mind, effortless to consider, tricky to accomplish for the mere cause that it calls for that we begin pondering and behaving another way. the purpose of this brief “book” is to steer you at the route to reaching that good fortune. The truths I proportion with you're meant to inspire, motivate, and lead you in the direction of a cheerful and fulfilled frame of mind.

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When you breathe mindfully and observe your body for what it truly is and when you grasp the intricacy, beauty and subtlety of life, then that soaring feeling, that sense of elation and humility combined, is surely spiritual. I only aspire to help you realize your potential, not only as a trader but also as an individual. I will give you a very detailed and comprehensive blue-print on how to develop equanimity. I will show you how to bring more consistency into your trading and into your life. While I cannot promise you that you will make money, I guarantee you that you will become a better trader and overall a better “you” if you understand and follow the principles I discuss about.

Failure and success go hand in hand; you cannot have one without the other. 102. We need emotional intelligence when trading the markets. It is not all math and logic. And that is what makes it challenging for most. 103. Trade well in the present and your future results will take care of themselves. 104. Don't just read trading books and blogs. You may be entertained by them, but you will never grow from them without practical application. 105. , to develop your self-belief. 106. Luck is predictable in the markets.

What challenges us makes us grow. 134. Discipline as a trader means doing what you should do rather than what you want to do. 135. Anyone can call himself a trader; however, a good trader shows what he is really worth when he is tested by the markets. 136. If we want better trading results, the quality of our decisions has to improve. 137. Never give up on a trade until a risk management stop-loss has triggered. 138. Desire is what gets you started as a trader; discipline is what gives you results.

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