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By Christopher Belshaw

ISBN-10: 1405125772

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10 solid questions on lifestyles and Death makes us re-examine approximately probably the most vital concerns we ever need to face.

  • Addresses the elemental questions that many people ask approximately lifestyles and death.
  • Written in an enticing and easy variety, perfect for people with no formal historical past in philosophy.
  • Focuses on regularly contemplated concerns, comparable to: Is existence sacred? Is it undesirable to die? Is there existence after demise? Does existence have which means? And which lifestyles is best?
  • Encourages readers to contemplate and reply to the human condition.
  • Features case experiences, thought-experiments, and references to literature, movie, song, faith and myth.

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Yet you might be suspicious about cases like these, but confident, still, about the badness of death. For, to repeat, while we don’t experience our death, it does, by ending it, make a big difference to our experience. These other cases, concerning art and nature, leave our experience untouched. So while we might insist that, even if not experienced, death is bad for someone, it seems that with art and nature we have no option but to speak of badness in itself. And for many, these differences are big enough to make death’s badness more secure.

If you don’t, she’ll remain in the coma for thirty years 38 10 Good Questions about Life and Death GQAC03 38 02/14/2005, 03:40PM and then die. You would, I think, find it bizarre if someone suggested that you ought really to leave her be, as there’s nothing at all bad about a permanent coma, while there is something bad about one that ends. But then if there is reason to bring her round, and the sooner the better, then there is reason, if you can help it, not to allow her to go in a coma in the first place.

Gorillas, chimps, orang-utans might have a mental life importantly close to ours. But consider an intermediate case – an otter or a kangaroo. There’s intelligence, awareness, responsiveness. But is there self-consciousness, any grasp of past and future? Most people have doubts. And if such animals aren’t in any clear sense wanting to live on, if there are no hopes for the future, no plans that their demise will leave unrealized, then it’s not clear, I think, how death itself can be bad for them.

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